Clorox COO On Shortage Caused by Pandemic

NBC Universal, Inc.

As COVID-19 cases spike, we're starting to see shortages of paper goods and cleaning supplies again, including one specific product that people have been struggling to find all along - Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.  

The Oakland-based supply giant, with product demand up 500% during the pandemic, and a share price up 25% spoke to NBC News about why it hasn't fulfilled its CEO's promise to increase supply.

"People just figure, ‘why can't you just make more wipes?’” said Clorox Chief Operating Office Eric Reynolds said it’s not simple.

Right now the company ships close to a million packs of wipes every day, and says there is only so much more they can make.

"One of the major ingredients in the wipe is the cloth itself,” said Reynolds. “We call it substrate, it's the stuff people know. That comes from very specialized suppliers, they make a lot of stuff out of substrate, and that's been in short supply."

But Clorox insists the supply chain is working, and there's no need to hoard what you see in the cleaning and paper good sections.

So what's the best strategy for finding those wipes? Ask your local store what days they get new deliveries, sign up for your store's email alerts, or consider alternatives.

The CDC says even a good dose of soap and water can inactivate the virus.

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