Does the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Need a Booster for Delta Variant?

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The delta variant is not only raising concerns for the unvaccinated, but also for people who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

That's because some doctors have no questioned its effectiveness against the variant, with some even suggesting people go get a different shot.

The Santa Clara County Public Health Department is taking a closer look at the issue, but said it will continue to give the Johnson & Johnson shot and trusts its efficacy. Some people agree, but others said they are not so sure.

"To be honest with you I'm paranoid of shot," said Tina Cano, who received the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine in April. "When I went to get J&J I did it because this is part of what I have to do."

But with conflicting studies about whether Johnson & Johnson can protect against the delta variant, some people are thinking about going back for a Pfizer of Moderna shot. That includes the Ortega family vacationing in Hawaii.

"My grandson is the only one who got J&J and we are talking about it as a family," said Linda Ortega.

But the Santa Clara County Public Health Department said a booster shot is not needed right now -- no matter which vaccine you took.

"The J&J vaccines, as the other vaccines, are working as intended," Santa Clara County Deputy Health Officer Dr. George Han said.

Han said everyone hospitalized with COVID in Santa Clara County hospital right now is not vaccinated. He said that there is clear evidence all vaccines are proving to be effective.

"At this point the federal government says no booster shots are required or needed, and the county agrees with that statement," Han said. "So we are not going to be able to provide any booster shots."

Cano said she is not worried.

"I trust Johnson & Johnson," she said.

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