Coronavirus Fears Impact San Jose Businesses

NBCUniversal, Inc.

As counties across the Bay Area urge companies and organizers to cancel large events in an effort to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, some San Jose businesses are feeling the impact.

One of the big events downtown this weekend is Cinequest — which is good news for some businesses because it means visitors from out of town will likely go out to eat.

But people at those businesses said that the crowds are low-key, with the pace of customers slowing over the last few days.

The restaurant owners of Culinary Corner eagerly welcomed late-night diners, and have placed bottles of hand sanitizer everywhere.

“I sanitize myself, I sanitize the screen to make sure when the next customer comes they can be clean,” said Culinary Corner owner Tiffani Tu.

Around downtown San Jose, Friday night venues were not as busy as they usually are. One spot where there was a crowd was at a VIP event for Cinequest. Film makers say they are happy to be there, but are taking precautions. One documentary film producer said she has her hand sanitizer with her everywhere she goes.

For its part, Cinequest has installed hand sanitizer dispensers outside each of its theaters. Though the film fest will continue through the weekend, they’re holding a news conference Saturday morning to announce some schedule changes.

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