COVID-19 Cases at Brentwood Union Schools Were Expected, District Says

The school district in Contra Costa County reports more than a dozen confirmed cases of coronavirus.

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The Brentwood Union School District report more than a dozen confirmed COVID cases after welcoming children back to classrooms last week.

District officials said they are following protocol, the coronavirus cases were expected and have every intention to keep campuses open.

"We want to be open," Superintendent Dana Eaton said. "This is where kids belong."

A sentiment echoed in the happy squeals of masked kids out on school playgrounds in the school district in Contra Costa County.

So far, 17 students and one staff member tested positive for COVID-19, and 45 students are showing COVID-like symptoms, but have not tested positive so far.

More than 50 are believed to have been exposed to someone COVID positive.

"We were looking at numbers last night," parent Michelle Adams said of the reported COVID cases at the district. "Knew this was going to happen."

Adams said they hope the numbers level off and are being cautious with their daughter.

"Now that she's back she has anxiety," Adams said. "She knows she needs to be there. She missed a lot in learning last year."

Eaton said it does not appear the current batch of infections happened at school.

Unlike some schools that use an app students must fill out before heading into class -- attesting they are feeling healthy -- the 9,000 district students instead check in daily at the clasroom.

If somebody comes in and says he has a runny nose, they go to the office and parents come," Eaton said. "They get picked up."

Recent high school graduates now hope the current class will not have to go back to online learning.

"I think there's a mental strain," said student Goan Monreao, who know attends UCLA. "And it's unmotivating to go back."

The superintendent said the district is doing its parts and he hopes more people in the community will be vaccinated to keep the numbers down.

The Brentwood Union School District returned to campus last week, and after three days of classes, the district is now reporting 15 positive COVID-19 cases. Kris Sanchez reports.
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