‘Double Dose' Recommendations: Doctors Urge People Get Flu, COVID Shots

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With businesses opening up, concerts and sporting events restarting, and holiday travel just around the corner, doctors are urging people to get the flu vaccine now.

They're worried about the flu potentially running rampant because everyone is focusing so much on just COVID-19.

Doctors say you can absolutely get the flu vaccine with a COVID booster shot and that’s exactly what some people did Tuesday at CVS Pharmacy.

“In one arm and the other arm,” said Vladimir Mordekhay of San Jose, who got a double dose of protection.

UCSF Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Peter Chin-Hong recommends the flu shot for anyone over six months to protect against the virus and said, “the second reason is really to  protect our hospital resources  is we are dealing with a surge in covid cases plus regular care.”

He says with more people traveling and getting together during the holiday, he's concerned we may face a twindemic.

“So the twindemic is a combination of influenza and COVID both happening together and there's nothing that prevents you from getting the flu and COVID at the same time,” said Chin-Hong.

Which concerns Gayle Greenbook of San Jose. 

“I want to get the flu vaccine because I do not want to get the flu and I think it's more important now because we are closer together again,” she said.

If you do get sick, the differences in symptoms between flu and COVID are subtle. Flu can come on abruptly and include muscle aches. It’s best to stay home but if symptoms persist, visit your primary care provider.

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