Flying During the COVID Era? Here's What to Expect at San Jose International Airport

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Mineta San Jose International Airport is making a number of subtle changes to keep travelers safe during the pandemic.

Passengers interviewed Wednesday said it does not feel different at the airport, except for the masks and the constant hand sanitizer.

But as airlines start to fly more, the airport said it will clean more, provide more space for social distancing, add more signage, and ask for help from travelers.

"We can only do much," said Alex Castillo with SJC terminal operations. "It does take the passengers to want to assist so when they travel, others feel just as comfortable."

TSA is working a little different as well with a lot more personal protective equipment.

"We do less hands-on with individuals," TSA Federal Security Director Joseph Rodrigues said. "Anytime somebody wants a pat-down, once the pat-down is completed we will change gloves."

The terminal will also change right down to the restroom. Passengers can also expect changes to the jetway.

San Jose resident Kelly Shoemake said she was nervous about flying in the COVID-19 era, but no longer feels that way after hearing from several friends who felt completely fine and safe flying in and out of SJC.

Meanwhile, TSA agents said the top question most passengers ask is if they're allowed to bring more hand sanitizer on board. TSA now allows passengers to bring 12 ounces of sanitizer, up from 3.4 ounces.

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