Good Friday Food Giveaway in Campbell Draws Hundreds

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On Thursday, people flocked to a San Jose church to pick up food that was being distributed to those in need during the coronavirus pandemic. Much the same happened Friday at another church in the area.

At St. Lucy Parish in Campbell Friday morning, hundreds lined up early for a food box distribution put on by Catholic Charities. With so many people waiting, the distribution began 30 minutes early.

An estimated 400 people were expected to pick up food boxes, but that number could turn out to be higher. The need is great among people who have lost their jobs or can’t make ends meet during the pandemic.

Together with Second Harvest Food Bank, Catholic Charities is helping thousands of people every week, including new faces who have never asked for a handout before but now find themselves in a financial pinch.

Catholic Charities calls the entire region a disaster zone, so it will help anyone who drives up.

Organizers know the impact of the virus is hitting both the rich and the poor.

"The impact of the virus doesn't discriminate against anybody, rich and poor, so anyone here is welcome to come in," Fr. Jon Pedigo said. "We have people that are very poor and people that are very wealthy, but they all of a sudden lost all of their income and they're basically starving in their own homes. This doesn't make a difference. We have people with broken down cars. We have people with Lexuses. We have people that have Teslas that have come in because people are out of work."

Catholic Charities alternates parishes daily. On Saturday, the food distribution will be held at Santa Teresa Parish.

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