Gov. Newsom Pledges to Reserve Vaccines for Teachers

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California Governor Gavin Newsom pledged 10% of COVID-19 vaccines will be reserved for teachers starting Monday.

The vaccine line was wrapped around the parking lot Friday with Solano County teachers who are already back in the classroom or will be back soon. They said they’re finally getting the protection they’ve been asking for.

“One of the things I’ve said if I’m going back in I want to make sure I’m vaccinated so I’m not a potential vector for this thing,” said 6th grade teacher Jacob Anderson.

He says he’s thrilled he’s among the first group of educators in Solano County to get a COVID-19 vaccine. With his school district gearing up to re-open, he thinks getting vaccinated is a must.

“Disease runs rampant in schools. Normal disease runs rampant,” said Anderson. “One kid gets a cold, your whole class is going to get a cold. For a virus for a disease that is supposed to be this deadly and this easily communicable I want to make sure I’m safe. I want to make sure I’m prepared.”

Solano County vaccinated one thousand educators Friday, the county superintendent says they’re focusing on those who’ve already returned to school and with districts that have a set a date to reopen. 

“We’re absolutely thrilled,” said superintendent Lisette Estrella-Henderson. “As you can see it’s our first one and it’s going amazingly well. We know teachers want to be in front of their students and we know students want to be in front of their teachers. My hope is we can make that happen.”

It’s not just teachers but support staff too. Including school bus drivers like Shelley Coss. She says so far she’s only driving special education students but soon her district will open for all kids. 

“It’s been nerve wracking,” Coss said. “We just try to keep the bus clean and safe and sanitized and keep our masks on.” 

Sixth grade teacher Michelle McGivalry says she’s overwhelmed with emotion. 

“I just can’t believe how relieved I am,” she said. “I wish I could tell you in words better. It's utter relief, kind of a shock too.”

McGivalry has health conditions that put her at risk, she got an email confirming her appointment during her online class Thursday and immediately told her students. 

“I am getting vaccinated and they were cheering for me they were so excited it was the cutest thing ever,” she said.

The office of education says they hope to hold clinics every 10 days once they get enough vaccines to do so. 

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