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Gov. Newsom Says Equity is ‘North Star' in Vaccine Eligibility

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom visited a school in Alameda County Tuesday and discussed, among various topics, local efforts to reopen schools as well as vaccine eligibility.

"Forgive me, we're still in the scarcity frame," the governor said at a press conference at Ruby Bridges Elementary School in Alameda.

There, he spoke of bridges California needs to cross when it comes to vaccine distribution.

"Our North Star continues to be equity," he said. "California is doing things that other states are not doing." He used Texas as an example in comparison to the Golden State's mandatory mask rule.

While in Alameda students celebrated reopening and teachers have been prioritized for vaccinations, the governor said there's much more work to do before California reaches a so-called green tier, including controlling COVID-19 variants.

"That's what green tier will look like," he said, "not Texas, but a version to look forward to."

According to Newson, California is now prepared to distribute close to 3 million vaccines per week, but has been receiving close to 2 million doses from federals in recent weeks.

He expects the picture will change drastically by May, and after the equity layer has been met for the hardest hit, low-income communities, all adults should be eligible to get a COVID-19 shot.

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