High-End Retailers on Life Support Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

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California has gone from a $20 billion budget surplus and record low unemployment to a $54 billion deficit and potentially record-high unemployment.

It's a staggering financial swing within the space of a few months.

Examining local businesses are a quick way to understand how the coronavirus pandemic has done so much damage.

Harry Fong, who owns Vintage Wine Merchants at San Jose's Santana Row, said he is doing what he can to stay open.

A new curbside pickup program has brought a few people back to support their favorite sports.

But, as evidenced by Gov. Gavin Newsom's tough economic outlook, businesses are starting to question if they can even make rent.

And for a better sense of how tough things are, the owner of the upscale Santana Row said fewer than half of the business tenants payed their rent in April.

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