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List of What You Can Now Do After More COVID Restrictions Loosened in San Francisco

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San Francisco on Thursday announced it is lifting even more restrictions for open activities in the city.

The city updated its health order on existing open activities to be more in line with what California is allowing, including recent changes the state has made to its guidance.

The updates come after San Francisco earlier this month moved into the least restrictive tier under the state's reopening plan and reopened all activities closed during the pandemic.

Here's a look at activities that can resume under San Francisco's new health order:

The following activities may expand:

Outdoor Ticketed and Seated Performances, Spectator Sports and other Live Events  

  • Except for fully vaccinated sections, which have greater capacity allowances and do not require physical distancing, patrons no longer need to show evidence of testing or vaccination.  
  • Up to three households may sit together per ticketed group of six individuals (increased from one household). 

Dining - outdoor and indoor

  • Patrons are no longer required to be seated at tables to be served and consume food and beverages.  Bar tables without seats and other unseated configurations are allowed for groups of up to eight people with at least six-foot distancing between groups.   
  • Food preparation at bars and tables (such as that performed at sushi bars, Benihana, etc.) is allowed with relaxed distancing between patrons and personnel, where distancing is not feasible.  

Indoor bars without meals

  • Distancing requirements are relaxed at bar counters, in keeping with seating requirements for dining.  
  • Patrons may stand and consume beverages while at stationary entertainment like pool tables, or arcade games, in groups of up to eight people with at least six-foot distancing between groups, consistent with indoor dining guidelines.  

Personal care services - outdoor and indoor

  • Patrons may remove face coverings for services involving tattooing or piercing of the mouth, neck or face and for massage services.   

Out of School Time programs for children and youth - outdoor and indoor

  • Cohort size limitations are lifted, programs may serve as many children and youth as state licensing allows.    
  • The three-week minimum requirement is lifted, though still encouraged.  
  • Adult visitors may enter facility (masked) for pick-ups/drop-offs.  
  • Fully vaccinated adults may volunteer with proof of vaccination.

Real estate transactions

  • Real estate open houses are allowed following small indoor gatherings guidelines.

Small indoor gatherings including social gatherings in private settings

  • Face coverings may be removed to eat or drink in gatherings involving more than one household following indoor dining guidelines as well as any additional capacity and safety requirements specific to small indoor gatherings.  Outdoor gatherings and/or the removal of face masks only with other fully vaccinated individuals is still recommended.

Outdoor adult and youth sports

  • Participants no longer need to show evidence of testing or vaccination, even when masks are removed.  
  • The requirement to wear masks during outdoor high-contact and moderate-contact sports is relaxed to align with the State requirement that participants wear masks during practice and competition as tolerated.  

Adult and youth sports – outdoor and indoor  

  • Tournaments involving more than one game per team per day are allowed if all teams follow the requirements for collegiate sports in the State’s Institutions of Higher Education Guidance.

Indoor houses of worship and political demonstrations 

  • Organizations may establish sections for fully vaccinated congregates/participants that do not require physical distancing. Overall, 50% capacity and face covering requirements remain. 

The following requirements will be lifted:

  • Patron and personnel health screening  
  • The on-site screening requirement for patrons is lifted, except where State guidance requires it (such as for outdoor community sporting events and personal care services).   
  • The on-site screening requirement for personnel is lifted, except where State regulatory agencies such as OSHA require it. Employers are still required to develop and implement a process for screening employees for COVID-19 symptoms, but businesses are encouraged to ask personnel to self-screen before arriving on-site.   
  • San Francisco Department of Health screening forms (attached as part of Appendix A to the Order) will continue to be updated for business that wish to keep using them.

Fully vaccinated sections/health and safety plans

  • The requirement that venues must get approval of a health and safety plan to implement a fully vaccinated section is lifted. Health and Safety plan requirements that relate to the size of the event are still required. 
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