May Day

May Day Demonstrators Gather in San Francisco to Protest Stay-at-Home Orders

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Demonstrators across the state and nation on Friday for May Day took to the streets to demand the country be allowed to get back to work.

The protesters said the stay-at-home order to slow the spread of coronavirus has gone on too long.

In San Francisco, a crowd gathered outside City Hall to oppose the orders in California. They want all businesses to be allowed to reopen now.

Many argue restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus have been going on too long, or should just be for those most at risk. In the group some wore masks, while others did not. Demonstrators carried a variety of signs with messages like "Stop Lying to Us" to "We Are All Essential."

Watch as protesters arrived and congregated at the state Capitol in Sacramento, Calif.

Counter demonstrators from the group Refuse Fascism showed up, warning that rushing a reopen could be deadly.

The demonstration lasted about two hours. At one point, people walked the block. The protest ended peacefully.

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