North Bay High School Students Defy Mask Mandate

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Students at one North Bay high school said that they were forced to continue class in the cold Thursday morning after trying to enter a classroom without a mask.

“I tried to go to class without a mask on. They tried to make me go to the office and I politely said 'no, thank you,'" one student told NBC Bay Area Thursday.

The student, who spoke off-camera said that being polite was not enough for him to get into class without a mask at Napa’s Vintage High School.

“They decided to move everyone out of the classroom,” the student told NBC Bay Area.

Some of the students shared some pictures to NBC Bay Area, which showed them sitting outside in cold temperatures, when not all the students tried to defy California's mandatory mask order for schools.

Last week, a small group of Vintage high school students staged a walkout after they said that they had enough of the continued mask mandate.

Thursday was a continuation of the protest.

According to some of the parents, the fact that the teacher kicked students out into the cold, angered them as they said it was "inhumane."

The district’s superintendent said these are unprecedented times.

“We know it may have caused some discomfort that students couldn’t stay in the classroom. It was our response in the moment to continue to provide access to education," said Dr. Rosanna Mucetti, superintendent of the Napa Valley Unified School District.

It’s not just Napa. Frustration over masks in schools is also spreading to Liberty High School in Brentwood.

“I know a lot of us are getting fed up with wearing it all the time,” said Kaili Johnson, a Liberty High School senior.

Liberty Union High School District may defy Gov. Gavin Newsom's school mask mandate and leave that choice up to the children. They have set a meeting for next Monday to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Newsom is expected to announce a date when the school mask mandate will be lifted.

Right now, it appears some students and school districts in the Bay Area may not wait for the green light.

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