Pandemic Hoarding: Shoppers Empty Shelves in Fear of Another COVID-19 Lockdown

NBC Universal, Inc.

Some shoppers are stocking up on supplies and emptying shelves once again as fears of another coronavirus lockdown rise.

Several retailers in the Bay Area have posted signs warning customers of shortages of paper goods and limiting how much can be purchased.

A business professor said the aisles should not say bare for too long.

"It's a little bit more difficult to move things around than it was because you can't get people within 6 feet of each other, and that slows down stuff in the supply chain," said Robert Chapman Wood, a professor of strategic management at San Jose State University.

The empty shelves at stores does not mean there is a shortage of products like toilet paper and sanitizer -- the items are still being made and delivered. But if some people hoard them, the rest will have to wait for the stores to get restocked.

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