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Parents of Children Under 12 Worry About State Fully Reopening

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2-year-old Luke cannot stand wearing a mask and his mother constantly worries for his safety.

"I have his mask right here," she said, "he won’t wear it because he’s two and he doesn’t get it."

She said fully reopening California on June 15 worries her because people will begin unmasking.

"I’m nervous for him," she said. "He’s so innocent, taking him outside with people without a mask on makes me nervous."

Despite fully reopening being around the corner, children under 12 years of age still aren't eligible to get vaccinated. The CDC and health officials say kids in that age group should continue to wear face coverings for protection.

Pediatrician Roshni Mathew said kids need socialization, but each family should weigh the risks of allowing their children to interact with others. She said outdoor activities are the safest and reminds parents kids aren’t as susceptible to COVID-19.

"Children do get infected but at a lower rate than adults," she said. "They can transmit infection although at lower rates than adults and they do get less sick when they get infected they’re less likely to get really sick and die."

1-year-old Loyalty’s mom is just now feeling comfortable letting her go to the park. But when the state relaxes restrictions she’ll be more careful about where she takes her.

Luke’s mom who is 35 weeks pregnant said she won’t be taking her children out in public once the rules lift. She doesn’t trust that everyone will do the right thing and wear a mask if they’re not vaccinated, but she’s urging them to.

"Think of the children and people who can’t get vaccinated," she said. "Is it fair to them to put them at risk?."

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