Restaurants Want Proof Outdoor Dining Propagates Coronavirus

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As Bay Area restaurants are forced to shut down outdoor dining again, a California judge says closing restaurants will lead to risky indoor gatherings. 

Now, officials want the state to prove outdoor dining really is dangerous. 

Sarah Song, and dozens others, took a seat outside on Burlingame Avenue Thursday night before the regional stay-at-home order takes effect Friday.

“We heard about the shutdown and thought we've got to out before everything shuts down because you can only do so much insta pot cooking,” said Song.

Restaurants will only be able to offer take out, and at Sapore Italiano, that means staffing cuts. 

“I just talked to my employees again. I will cut shifts one has another job,” said Elio D’urzo. “I prefer to keep the guy who doesn't have another job.”

D'urzo is doing his best to keep employees afloat during a shutdown, he says it doesn't make sense.

“If you can go to the market outside, I don't understand why you can't eat outside,” he said.

And he’s not the only one with questions.

In a court case challenging the dining ban in San Diego, a judge is siding with restaurants. Saying closing them will move people inside for high risk gatherings. Some San Diego restaurants reopened Thursday after the county said it won't enforce the states shutdown order.

The governor's office says it is appealing the decision.

In San Francisco, Supervisor Matt Haney plans to support a resolution on Tuesday, asking the state to prove outdoor dining is linked to the spread of COVID-19.

“I'd like the state to justify it publicly with data and definitely reconsider moving forward,” said Haney.

An industry hungry for answers and financial relief will be listening.

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