San Jose Reports 95% of City Employees Vaccinated Against COVID-19

The latest numbers go against what many thought would be an employee exodus due to San Jose's employee vaccine mandate.

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Get vaccinated or get another job.

For a while, there were big concerns that San Jose's employee vaccine mandate would trigger a mass employee exodus and public safety crisis, with hundreds of employees choosing to quit rather than vaccinate.

But weeks later that certainly is not how things turned out.

San Jose police officers and other city employees have, for the most part, stepped up to get vaccinated - and that has city officials breathing a sigh of relief.

The city said 95% of its employees have no provided proof of vaccination and of the 354 that have not yet received their shots, all but six employees are either on their way to full vaccination status or have religious or medical exemptions.

Residents said they are glad to see the latest numbers and relieved the predictions of an employee exodus did not come to pass.

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