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San Jose Unified Plans to Allow In-Person Learning in January

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The South Bay’s largest school district announced it's preparing to allow students to return to the classroom in January.

The San Jose Unified School District says it's all possible because Santa Clara County is now in the Orange Tier for COVID risk.

Many instructors have been teaching from empty classrooms, with its 28,000 students following online from home. 

On Monday, the district announced it will offer in-person instruction as an option starting Jan. 5, 2021.

Most families expressed excitement at the chance, but acknowledged some concerns.  

“My biggest, scary feeling is how are they going to make sure the kids are practicing not only distance, but also when it’s time to wipe the desk down, or go to the lockers, or to the rest room, things like that,” said grandmother Pat Jaco.

The district says it is developing training for students and staff and updating its already rigorous safety measures. 

“I mean, I worry with the cold weather coming up and flu season  and everything else, but if we’re able to maintain this and stay in orange or yellow, it’s very logical to say to our families, ‘if you want in-person,’ we should be able to provide it for you,” said Brian Wheatlet, SJUSD Board Vice President.

Wheatley also emphasized that in the case of a COVID spike, the plan will be paused. 

“We’re just going to have to see, but, eventually we all have to go back,” said Jaco. “I just wish there was a vaccine out right now.”

The San Jose Unified School District is in the midst of contacting parents to explain their options. The final decision will be made on December 30, the last day the county will get its tier rating before school resumes after the holiday break.    

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