SF Moscone West to Become Temporary Shelter During COVID-19 Pandemic

NBCUniversal, Inc.

Already praised for flattening the curve, San Francisco is moving to help further distance hundreds of individuals now living in the city’s congested shelters.

The city is expecting to move at least 30 people to Moscone West Thursday, and aims to eventually raise that number to 400.

The wide open spaces of the convention center give the city more space to spread people out. Currently, shelters are only able to accommodate three feet between cots. The move will give them the added space to get at least six or more feet between people while they’re sleeping.

People will also get meals, showers and television while at the Moscone Center.

Meanwhile, Santa Clara County has opened its fairgrounds to people there without homes.

Like San Francisco, it’s an effort to get people out of congested situations and into wide open spaces, decreasing the risk of spreading COVID-19 among this vulnerable population.

In San Francisco, the city also has nearly 500 hotel rooms to shelter people and it’s working on deals for two more large buildings. The city is also working on another 2,000 hotel rooms that they want to have ready next week.

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