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SF Post-it Hearts Become Contagious as People Reach Out to One Another

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In the city by the Bay there is a simple message spreading from window to window.

People are posting hearts made of post-it notes as a kind of emotional SOS, a simple way to connect.

Nick Munro of Nob Hill started the trend while he was working from home.

“Just bored, trapped at home like everybody else and I had supplies at hand which were red post-it notes,” Munro said.

Just hours after he showed his heart, he received a response from his neighbor across the street.

“I thought it was heartwarming,” said Vincent Wibowo, Munro’s neighbor. “And I thought it was something nice to cheer up the neighbors.”

A little love note, it seemed, was contagious. As days passed, more post-it hearts, replies of “hi” and teddy bears have been appearing in windows across the city.

“These are the things we never would have seen without this coming together,” Munro said.

What began as a gesture of kindness has become a fun game of I Spy for Munro and his wife Courtney.

He also hopes this message will far outlast the crisis.

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