Silicon Valley Tech Companies Work to Speed Up COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

NBC Universal, Inc.

Long lines, appointments running late and thousands of people wondering when they can get their shot. But now, some Silicon Valley companies are stepping in to try and smoother the COVID vaccine process. 

Companies like Google announced a partnership with One Medical to offer space for more vaccine sites. 

"Our role here is to provide facilities, whether that's a parking lot, or the first floor of a building, we'll make that available and provide whatever space support is necessary,” said Dr. Karen Desalvo, chief health officer of Google.

Other companies, like Santa Clara-based Servicenow, are building apps to connect healthcare providers with patients to better organize the whole process.

"That last mile is super complex,” said Senior Vice President of Servicenow Michael Park. "A super simple experience for them vis a vis their mobile phone or web portal to schedule, reschedule, and connect the patient with the clinician and the providers."

To cut down on long lines, and frustrated patients.

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