Some Businesses Prepare to Reopen, But Warn for Shoppers to Be Patient

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A few small businesses in the Bay Area are preparing to reopen Monday with restrictions.

Health officers in six counties are allowing some daycare centers and summer camps to open for essential workers, along with nurseries.

"We're really excited," said Shauna Aurandt with Almaden Valley Nursey. "We can't wait for Monday to come. We've been struggling to get through the days -- only being able to do deliveries."

The nursery on Thursday received a new shipment in preparation for the big reopening.

Aside from cleaning the common areas, the nursery is also figuring out how to follow new social distancing rules.

"People will have to wait," Aurandt said. "We're trying to implement a 20-minute time limit, as far as shopping goes."

Meanwhile, the line Thursday at Yamagami's Nursey in Cupertino is an indication of what's to come for Almaden Valley Nursey. Yamagami's Nursey is open because at least 25% of its inventory is hardware, making it an essential business.

The wait at the Cupertino nursery was more than an hour by using a social distancing formula.

The nurseries said gardening will allow more people to stay at home, grow their own fruits and vegetables so they can also limit their trips to the grocery store.

Shop managers are advising the public to be ready when arriving.

"We're encouraging people to at least be prepared," Aurandt said. "Have like a grocery shopping list and get in and out to give other people a chance to shop too."

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