Mother's Day

South Bay Officials Urge People to Practice Social Distancing on Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and health officials are urging people to opt for a phone or video call rather than an in-person visit.

Like most mothers, Raquel Wampouill won’t be seeing her seeing her whole family on Sunday. The Virginia resident was visiting Los Gatos when she got stuck at her sister’s house as the shelter at home order went into effect.

“It will be a different one for me, I won’t have my boys,” she said.

Wampouill said she’s going to celebrate the occasion with her husband and son virtually.

“So this year, I won’t be spending it with them, and I don’t think they’re doing anything either because they don’t want to expose my mother,” she said.

But her sister’s son may come down from the city to finally have some family time.

“It’s always a little bit of a risk and a little scary, but we just felt it would be worth doing so,” Said Natalie Keyes, Wampouill’s sister.

But health officials warn that there could be a surge in COVID-19 cases if social distancing guidelines are not followed.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said San Jose City Councilwoman Magdalena Carrasco. “Especially during these very difficult times, there’s no better gift than the gift of good health. You’ve done such a good job flattening that curve, I want to make sure we don’t let our guard down.”

Carrasco suggests sending takeout as a way to celebrate.

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for the now hard-hit restaurant industry.

At Oak and Rye in Los Gatos they’re changing operations yet again, to do something special for mom.

“It’s something new every day and keeps you on your toes,” said Leonardo Lopez of Oak and Rye. “I think that’s the best thing we could do right now, keep adapting.”

There’s no seating allowed, but pizza and brunch is on the menu for takeout, including a special complete with a frittata and prosecco.

“We’re recreating everything you do at your mother’s house, and get the mimosas going,” Lopez said.

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