South Bay Community Holds Parade for First Responders

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A small South Bay community delivered a big thank you to first responders by holding a parade Sunday night.

New Almaden is a tightknit community where more than 100 families stood outside their homes, banging pans and cheering to make sure frontline workers know they appreciate them.

With the sound of an old school bell as a cue, dozens of first responders began a drive through the south San Jose neighborhood where they were greeted with a cacophony of “thank you.”

Kitty Monahan with the New Almaden community club organized the parade for sheriff’s deputies, firefighters and other first responders.

“We want to thank them,” Monahan said. “They’re out there doing the work to make sure that all of us are healthy and safe and we want to thank them all.”

From homemade signs to truck escorts, gratitude guided the first responders as they drove the mile and a half loop through the historic mining community.

Sharon Pfieffer wanted the first responders to know she doesn’t take their sacrifices lightly.

“It’s important to acknowledge them and how difficult what they are doing is,” she said. “They’re doing it all upfront for us.”

Monahan said she worries for their safety.

“I’m afraid they’ll get the virus,” she said.

There were no hugs, just a giant embrace from a small community.

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