US Postal Service Reminds Residents That Most Postal Needs Can be Met at Home


As Bay Area residents shelter in place, U.S. Postal Service officials said Thursday everyone can have their postal needs met from the comfort of their home.

Stamps can be purchased at and delivered. For residents without a computer, postal officials said residents can ask their post office or carrier to bring them a Stamps by Mail order form and again stamps will be delivered.

Packages can be shipped and picked up from a resident's home. Package supplies can be ordered at and delivered, and mailing labels with the appropriate postage can be printed from the website. Package pickup is free. The carrier will deliver the mail and pick up a resident's package or packages if the post office is told where the carrier can locate the package or packages. 

The Postal Service's free service called Informed Delivery may allow apartment residents to practice good social distancing. Informed delivery provides photos of each piece of letter-sized mail on its way. By seeing what's about to be delivered, residents can determine how urgent it is to get the mail.

Informed Delivery is not available everywhere, but residents can find out if it is offered where they live at After signing up, it will take about three business days to get notifications, which come by email.

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