Wearing Face Coverings Becoming New Normal in Bay Area

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now recommending that everyone wear cloth face coverings when out in public from now on during the coronavirus pandemic, a step Bay Area health officials advised Thursday.

People across the Bay Area seem to be taking the advice so far.

JOANN Fabrics in Concord has been busy handing out mask kits, giving away materials for people to make their own cloth face coverings at home.

“When you are out in public and you need to be close to others, wear something to cover your face," Contra Costa County Health Officer Dr. Christopher Farnitano said.

After weeks of telling people face masks may do more harm than good, health officials have changed course, saying the understanding of the virus has changed.

“We understood that sneezing and coughing could spread this virus, but we now have learned that even talking — if you are within a few feet of somebody else — talking can be enough to spread this virus,” Farnitano said.

Viktor Maksimov said he’s been wearing a mask for weeks.

“I didn’t really understand why they were saying no in the first place,” he said.

He’s been watching international news and saw other countries urging people to cover their faces.

“Everyone used to look at me funny, like, ‘Why are you doing that?'” he said. "And now everyone seems to be on the same page as me.”

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