Zoom Helping Keep Small Businesses Open During Stay-at-Home Order

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With so many small business orders to close their doors, many had to make a choice: find a creative way to keep working or start cutting employees.

For many, video conferencing has become a job saver. And perhaps none is getting more attention than Zoom, a South Bay company that has become essential for the survival of small businesses.

Else Green is one of the small businesses relying on Zoom during the shelter-at-home order. Green's fitness class is booming with 45 people strong and plenty of social distancing.

"It's been a huge shift," Green said.

Green usually holds classes at the Jewish Community Center in Los Gatos, which is closed like most fitness centers due to the coronavirus pandemic. Green said she has seen more people in her Zoom classes each day she has held them.

Danville-based Reeder Music Academy is also shut down for now. But all 28 music teachers have migrated online, mostly using Zoom's online conferencing to continue classes.

Reeder Music Academy said about 70% of its students are hopping online for the lessons after just one week.

Zoom, the San Jose video communication company is, in some cases, the key to keeping people in business. Online classes have quickly become the new normal, keeping students and health club members on board.

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