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BART Eyes Bike-Friendlier Future

BART wants to get bike-friendlier.



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    BART says it wants its future to be more bike-friendly.

    Imagine: a world where you can take the escalator at BART stations, bicycle in hand, and where there's special areas on BART train cars fit precisely for your two-wheeled commuting machine.

    BART sees it. And BART likes it.

    Currently, about four percent of BART customers use bicycles to get to and from stations, according to the San Francisco Examiner. And that's not good enough -- by the agency's own standards. BART officials believe that number will double by the next decade to eight percent, or 35,000 passengers a day.

    To accomodate that, the agency unveiled a plan in which a revisitation of the bike ban on escalators as well as improved bicycle-sharing, storage, and access plans are all covered, according to the newspaper.

    “We’re going to have to get people to access BART from their bikes," Bob Franklin, a BART board member, told the newspaper. "And when we make it safe and secure, people will take up that option.”

    The agency will revisit the draft bike plan in the months and years to come before any of its ideas are implemented, the newspaper reported.