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PG&E Quits US Chamber of Commerce Over Climate Change

One of the Bay Area's biggest polluters suddenly decides that it must take a stand for intellectual honesty



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    Mike Baird
    Duke Energy, which owns this plant on Morro Bay, has also left the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over its criticism of climate science -- but hasn't, you know, shut down the plant.

    Pacific Gas and Electric, the company that has provided Northern California with electricity and toxic emissions for over a century, is taking a stand of sorts.

    It has left the United States Chamber of Commerce, an organization which lobbies the government on behalf of businesses.

    The Chamber of Commerce wants to put global warming on trial in the hopes of calling climate change science into question will convince the government not to implement caps on carbon emissions.

    PG&E has highly publicized its efforts to go "green" and reduce carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions, but it hasn't actually done much but point to the fact that unlike most American utilities, it doesn't burn a lot of coal.

    Never mind the radioactive waste from the company's nuclear power plants: The company does burn plenty of natural gas, a nonrenewable hydrocarbon that contributes to the emissions problem.

    So while it's fine to crow about opposing the Chamber of Commerce's idiotic position on climate change, it's better to put your profits where your blog is and actually stop emitting greenhouse gasses.

    Photo by Mike Baird.

    Jackson West wonders how PG&E's carbon offset program is in any way "intellectually honest."