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Redwood City May Ban Styrofoam

Redwood City could be the next city to ban the use of Styrofoam



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    Redwood City may join others on the  peninsula like San Mateo County, Burlingame and Half Moon Bay in banning restaurants and other food vendors from using Styrofoam food and drink containers.

    During a city council meeting on Monday board officials asked the staff to consider a ban on Styrofoam, but before voting on the measure the council said they needed to do a fact finding mission first.

    So, members of the Redwood City council will look at how the ban is working in cities like Oakland,San Francisco, Emeryville and Berkeley.

    If  Redwood City choose to pick-up the ban, the measure will prohibit businesses, facilities and events from using polystyrene plates, bowls, trays, hinged or lidded containers and other products.  

    The Styrofoam ban already exists in over 50 cities statewide.