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SF Library Hops on the Download Bandwagon



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    Now you can get your reading fix without worrying with late fees.

    Beginning Monday, the San Francisco Public Library will offer a new service for cardholders to download digital media from the library's collections.

    The service, called OverDrive, will allow cardholders to browse and download the library's collection of thousands of digital audio books, eBooks, movies and music to their own computers.

    The library will offer nearly every genre: bestselling fiction novels, self-improvement guides, biographies, classical and new age music, educational videos, TV programs, feature films, cult classics and more.

    Some of the media can also be transferred to portable MP3 players or burned to CD.

    Downloads will also require the installation of free software, and the titles will automatically expire at the end of the lending period, so there are no late fees.

    The library is planning live demonstrations on May 8 and 9 outside the main branch on Fulton Street.