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Trees Rejoice: The White Pages Are Dead



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    Thanks to the Internet, you can find better uses for that relic known as the phone book.

    In case you haven't been on Facebook lately and missed one of the most popular status updates of the day, the White Pages are officially dead in several states across the country.

    Regulators are finally allowing phone companies to put their archaic White Pages out to pasture with the newspaper.

    Companies, such as AT&T locally, are citing the Internet, smartphones and their pesky apps as the reasons less people are turning to the White Pages to find someone's address.

    While the move will help companies' bottom line, the halting of printing thousands and thousands of White Pages will also help the environment.

    Not all states have been approved to stop the printing yet. New York and Florida have already received permission to ax the White Pages, while regulators in several other states are going through applications asking for permission.