Images: Chewing Through The Bay’s Salty Past

Work is underway in Fremont to restore old salt ponds back into tidal marshes.

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The remains of the old Oliver salt plant occupy what were once tidal marshes along the Bay near Fremont. The salt plant opened around 1850, and closed in the 1920s.
Joe Rosato jr.
The tidal planes of Eden Landing are covered in salt from their days as a salt plant. Remains of the old plant poke through the mud and salt.
Lisa Judd
Salt crystals in the tidal lands of Eden Landing. Back when the salt plant opened in the 1850s, schooners carried it back to a growing San Francisco.
Joe Rosato Jr.
Partially blue skies open up to the salt flats of Eden Landing, near Fremont.
NBC 5 News
Remains of the old salt plant at Eden Landing. The remnants of the old business will remain, even as the area's tidal marshes are restored to it original condition. A new public trail will pass by the area.
Joe Rosato Jr.
The water runs red in the areas where the old salt plant one stood. The red water is evidence of very high salianation.
Joe Rosato Jr.
A back loader chews through the old levees to allow the bay waters to return the area into a tidal marsh.
Joe Rosato Jr.
A tractor dumps levee dirt to be hauled away. The dirt will help construct new levees in the area.
Joe Rosato Jr.
Two sides of the levee in Eden Landing.
Joe Rosato Jr.
Cracked red dirt shows evidence of high salianation in Eden Landing.
Joe Rosato Jr.
A river cuts through the tidal lands of Eden Landing. In about a year, workers will knock down the levees allowing the waters to cover the old salt flats.
Joe Rosato Jr.
Next summer, this area of flatland will be flooded with bay water to help restore it back into a tidal marshaldn.
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