Save 472,000 Elephants, One Step at a Time

The San Diego Zoo offers a chance to track an elephant via Twitter

With San Diego Zoo’s new exhibit known as the Elephant Odyssey, you will now have an opportunity to help Africa’s elephants by becoming a Project Elephant Footprint sponsor.

This project makes a difference in these elephant's lives and has a major effect on conservation efforts to save them, according to the San Diego Zoological Society.

Three different elephants living in Botswana will have radio-collars: The Shy One; The Great Bull, and Rainbow Spirit. With these collars sponsors can keep track of the elephant from where it goes to what it is doing.

Sponsors can make a one-time payment of $150 for a year or quarterly payment of $37.50, or monthly for $12.50. Benefits include getting an information kit about the elephant, blog updates by Mike Chase, Ph.D (an elephant researcher who is tracking elephants in Africa), monitor the elephant via the GPS collar, and a chance to vote for the elephant's name.

You can also have first dibs to participate in a 10-day tour of Botswana where you will get to track and possibly help radio collar an elephant, according to the zoo's website.

Four elephants checked out their new 7.5 acre, $45 million habitat at the San Diego Zoo two weeks ago. The exhibit includes rolling hills, mechanical trees for activities, shade, showers, or heat.

Chase will be giving a presentation about his work with Elephants Without Borders on Monday, May 25 at 11:00 at the Beckman Center.

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