New England Journal of Medicine 56 mins ago

More Americans Are Dying at Home Rather Than in Hospitals

For the first time since the early 1900s, more Americans are dying at home rather than in hospitals, a trend that reflects more hospice care and progress toward the kind of end that most people say they want. Deaths in nursing homes also have declined, according to Wednesday’s report in the New England Journal of Medicine. “It’s a good thing. Death

  • Nov 20

    Trump to Meet on Teen Vaping as Plans for Flavor Ban Fade

    President Donald Trump will meet with medical experts, health advocates and industry representatives on the problem of underage vaping later this week, White House officials said Wednesday. Electronic cigarette use by teenagers has surged, but federal authorities have not yet finalized a plan for regulating e-cigarettes. At the White House meeting set for Friday, administration officials said Trump will hear

  • Nov 20

    AMA Calls for Total Ban on All E-Cigarette, Vaping Products

    The American Medical Association on Tuesday called for an immediate ban on all electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. The group adopted the sweeping stance at a policy-making meeting in San Diego. It aims to lobby for state and federal laws, regulations or legal action to achieve a ban, but the industry is sure to fight back.

  • Nov 19

    Hospital Psychiatric Wards Now Feel Like Prisons, Some Say

    New safety standards aimed at preventing suicides have led to overhauls inside psychiatric hospitals and emergency departments around the country, with facilities now issuing patients paper gowns, stripping artwork from walls and removing bathroom doors.

  • Nov 18

    Mailing Free Home HIV Tests Helps Detect More Infections

    Mailing free home HIV tests to high-risk men offers a potentially better strategy for detecting infections than usual care. That’s according to a U.S. government study that resulted in many more infections found — including among friends with whom recipients shared extra kits. The experiment recruited 2,600 men from online social network and music sites. Half of them were sent

  • Nov 18

    Trump Backing Off Banning Vaping Flavors Popular With Teens

    President Donald Trump is backing away from the idea of banning most flavored e-cigarettes. Trump announced a proposed ban in September, saying he wanted parents to be aware of what a problem vaping had become among teens. He made the announcement in the presence of first lady Melania Trump, who does not believe e-cigarettes should be available to children.

  • Nov 17

    White House Urgently Ramps Up Push for Drug Cost Legislation

    The White House is ramping up its push to get a bill through Congress that curbs prescription drug costs, feeling a new urgency as the impeachment investigation advances amid the 2020 election campaign. The effort has progressed beyond anything seen in years, says President Donald Trump’s top domestic policy adviser. “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to confront these issues in

  • Nov 16

    Warren Pushes Back on Critics of Her Health Care Plan

    Elizabeth Warren pushed back against critics of her newly released plan to phase in implementation of a single-payer health care system, insisting Saturday that she is “fully committed” to “Medicare for All” and that she plans to first build on existing health care programs because “people need help right now.” “My commitment to Medicare for All is all the way,”

  • Nov 16

    Public Viewing for Kaiser CEO Bernard Tyson Scheduled on Sunday

    Kaiser Permanente will honor the late Bernard J. Tyson in a public viewing Sunday in Oakland, followed by an invitation-only service on Monday.

  • Nov 16

    Big Study Casts Doubt on Need for Many Heart Procedures

    People with severe but stable heart disease from clogged arteries may have less chest pain if they get a procedure to improve blood flow rather than just giving medicines a chance to help, but it won’t cut their risk of having a heart attack or dying over the following few years, a big federally funded study found. The results challenge

  • Nov 16

    Oakland Nurses Endorse Sanders as He Pitches Medicare for All

    U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, outlined his plan to convert the country’s health care system to a single-payer system as he accepted the National Nurses United union’s endorsement for president in Oakland on Friday.

  • Nov 16

    Apple Nixes Vape-Related Apps for iPhone Users

    In an effort to cease the promotion of vape culture with related deaths on the rise, Apple has announced that it will no long offer vape-related apps for iPhones.

  • Nov 15

    Old Dogs, New Tricks: 10,000 Pets Needed for Canine Aging Study

    Can old dogs teach us new tricks? Scientists are looking for 10,000 pets for the largest-ever study of aging in canines. They hope to shed light on human longevity too. The project will collect a pile of pooch data: vet records, DNA samples, gut microbes and information on food and walks. Five hundred dogs will test a pill that could

  • Nov 15

    Oklahoma Judge Reduces J&J Order in Opioid Lawsuit by $107M

    An Oklahoma judge who last summer ordered consumer products giant Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million to help address the state’s opioid crisis on Friday reduced that amount in his final order in the case by $107 million because of his miscalculation. District Judge Thad Balkman’s latest order directs the company to pay the state $465 million. In it,

  • Nov 15

    Will You Get Dementia? Many May Not Understand Their Risk

    Many older American adults may inaccurately estimate their chances for developing dementia and do useless things to prevent it, new research suggests. Almost half of adults surveyed believed they were likely to develop dementia. The results suggest many didn’t understand the connection between physical health and brain health and how racial differences can affect dementia risk. Substantial numbers of people

  • Nov 15

    Warren Says She Won’t Immediately Push for Medicare for All

    Elizabeth Warren announced Friday that she won’t immediately push to give every American government-funded health care and instead will work to oversee passage of a sweeping “Medicare for All” program by the end of her third year if elected president — a significant step away from a plan she’s long championed.

  • Nov 14

    Climate Change Damaging Lifelong Health of Children Across the World, Medical Officials Warn

    Climate change is already damaging the health of children, and its impacts will harm the entire generation with serious health problems throughout their lives, according to a new report from the medical journal The Lancet. Scientists and health experts from 35 academic institutions and United Nations agencies said that children will suffer from a rise in infectious diseases, malnutrition and

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