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Bay Area: Less Fat, Lives Longer

Bay Area cities enjoy lower-than-average obesity rates.



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    Bay Area residents tend to live longer as they prosper, according to a study.

    The secret?

    They're not quite as fat as the rest of the country, according to reports.

    Obesity levels in places like San Francisco are almost half of what they are in not-too-distant places like San Joaquin County, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

    And less obesity means longer life, according to the newspaper.

    More people across the United States are becoming more obese, according to a study, which said that 33.8 perent of men and 36.1 percent of women are obese.

    But not in Marin County. There, women live to an average age of 85 -- largely because of their obesity rate of 20.4 percent, the newspaper reported.

    In San Joaquin County, by contrast, 39.5 percent of women are obese. There, the life expectancy for women is 80.5 years.