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Day in the Life of Pot Delivery Guy

Did you know some cannabis businesses offer home delivery?



    Medical Cannabis Delivered Right to Your Door Step

    Ride along with a delivery man who brings medicinal pot to people who pay him for the service. And yes, it is legal. (Published Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010)

    Like anyone who makes a living making deliveries, Chris Rynearson deals with the usual headaches of the job. They include bad traffic, bad weather and the occasional bad dog.

    But there is something about Rynearson's job that is quite different than the average delivery guy. When you look inside his black briefcase you will find dozens of doses of medical marijuana.

    Rynearson works for a company called MedEx, which is a San Jose collective that offers home deliveries as part of their business model.

    MedEx CEO Daniel Hovland says the delivery option fits perfectly with the 1996 voter-approved Proposition 15.

    "You need to create a way that patients can get the medicine in a safe and reasonable manor. And what's more reasonable than having an isolated person who is home-bound make a phone call and have a delivery made to them," Hovland said.

    During the day we spent riding along with delivery man Rynearson we found he had a friendly relationship with most clients.

    The clients don't have standing orders for a certain kind of pot. Instead, Rynearson opens the case and the two discuss the options for each particular visit.

    Patients can choose from 1/8 ounce containers that cost between $20 and $60. There is a one ounce limit. They could also choose from several cannabis based lotions and tinctures as well as rolling papers and lighters.

    "This is something that's normal. It doesn't seem abnormal to me," Rynearson said.