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Laser Treatment Zaps Fat



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    Do you have stubborn fat around your stomach and thighs that exercise just doesn't seem to trim down?

    You may be able to zap it away without going under the knife.

    The new Zerona non-invasive body slimming procedure is now offered in the Bay Area.

    "It works by causing the fat to be released from cells so it is as if the cells are squishing fat out into the surrounding tissue" said Dr. Jeffrey Riopelle at Laser Advantage Medi-Spa in San Ramon. He has treated 10 patients.

    Zap Away the Fat

    [BAY] Zap Away the Fat
    The laser treatment Zerona promises to slim your profile by between three and nine inches without going under the knife.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009)

    Marie W.  lost more than 10 inches from throughout her body after her Zerona treatment.  "It was painless" she said.

    Studies by the manufacturer show most people lose between three and nine inches. Patients need to commit to 40-minute treatments three times a week for two weeks. The series of procedures costs about $3,000.

    Some people have complained on online posts that they did not get noticeable results.

    Doctors have also warned  that if you already have existing problems with constipation, the Zerona treatment may make the condition worse because it pushes fat out of the fat cells and your lymphatic system picks it up and transports it to your digestive system where it's eliminated from the body with your bowel movements.

    Marie says she experienced no complications and she is happy with her results. She is especially pleased she was able to find a body-shaping procedure that did not require surgery.