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Most Teens Don't Get Whooping Cough Shots



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    Have your kids gotten their whooping cough booster shots?

    It is now state law that kids show proof they are vaccinated, but health officials say most have not done it.

    The law was passed as a response to the worst outbreak of the disease in generations. If your child last got the shot as a toddler, they need to get the t-dap booster as a teenager because immunity wears off over time.
    This fall, all children in 7th through 12th grades planning to attend public or private school must submit proof that they received a t-dap booster shot to guard against whooping cough; otherwise they can't enroll.
    However, many parents still haven't gotten their children vaccinated, according to Nurse Pamela Kuhn, Coordinator for Health and Wellness for the Orange County Department of Education.
    Some schools require all vaccinations be up to date by July 1st for kids who are entering a new school, so the clock is ticking.
    Educators advice parents to not wait until August to get the shots for kids, because it may be tougher to get an appointment at the pediatricians office. 

    Some pharmacies, like Walgreens, offer the shots for free.