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Ravers Recovering



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    At least two people who were hospitalized after attending an  electronic music festival at Cow Palace last month remain in serious  condition at separate Bay Area hospitals, officials said today.

         One female patient is in critical care at Daly City's Seton  Medical Center, hospital spokeswoman Elizabeth Nikels said this afternoon.      A second patient, whose gender has not been released, remains in  serious condition at San Francisco General Hospital, spokeswoman Rachael  Kagan said today.
         Following the "etd.POP 2010" music festival on May 29, nine  partygoers were hospitalized, and two of those patients eventually died as a  result of their injuries.
         Police suspected the illnesses were caused by overdoses of the  drug Ecstasy, Daly City police Lt. Jay Morena said last month.
         One day after the event, 23-year-old Santa Clara man Anthony Mata  died. A second man - 25-year old San Jose resident Trung Nguyen, who was on  life support after slipping into a coma - died a week later.
         Nikels said that five patients were originally brought to the  medical center in Daly City for treatment after being transferred from San  Francisco General Hospital. Since then, four were released or transferred  again to other hospitals, she said.
         A spokesman from Washington Hospital in Fremont, where some of the  patients were transferred, did not return a call for comment as of this  afternoon.