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Video: 'Daily Show' Revisits SF's Happy Meal Toy Ban

No more toys with children's meals



    Video: 'Daily Show' Revisits SF's Happy Meal Toy Ban

    Editor's note: Updated with "Daily Show" video.

    And San Francisco's quirky politics just keeps getting the hits. Aasif Mandvi of "The Daily Show" interviews San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar and Mayor Gavin Newsom about the recent ban of Happy Meal toys in the city.


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    San Francisco's Happy Meal Ban
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    If you want to play with your food, you'll have to get out of the city.

    San Francisco's Board of Supervisors passed a measure Tuesday that limits toy giveaways with unhealthy children's meals. It also requires serving fruits or vegetables with each meal.

    The measure is an effort to curb childhood obesity, and McDonald's certainly isn't happy. Substituting toys with veggies? The kids probably aren't happy, either.

    Representatives for the fast food chain said the move takes the joy out of Happy Meals, threatens business and restricts the ability of parents to make choices for their kids.

    But parents don't always lead the best example. Adult obesity is also a problem in the U.S., with only about one third of adults eating fruit twice a day.

    The measure was passed by a veto-proof majority and is scheduled to go into effect December 2011.