CDC Raises Monkeypox Alert Level

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The CDC is raising its alert level for monkeypox to level two, all at an abundance of caution. 

This means health officials are recommending that travelers wear masks on planes and other public transits.

“The number of cases of monkeypox has continued to increase to almost 1,000 people now with confirmed or suspected cases in more than two dozen countries around the world including right here in the Bay Area,” UCSF’s Infectious Disease Expert, Dr. Peter Chin-Hong.

This is the largest outbreak for the virus outside of Africa in decades.

Just last week, the San Francisco Department of Public Health reported the city's first probable case of monkeypox of one of its residents.

Now the CDC Is recommending people wear a mask while traveling.

“We know you can get it through skin to skin contact particularly if there’s an open sore but you can also get it from the respiratory route,” said Chin-Hong.

Health officials say monkeypox traditionally spreads through close prolonged contact with an infected person -- most often through sexual contact.

Meanwhile, in Sacramento County Monday, a fourth suspected monkeypox case was identified.

“All the cases we are investigating are linked or connected so at this time the risk to the general public is low but people still need to be aware of its existence,” said Dr. Olivia Kasirye.

Epidemiologists say that the most infectious period for a person begins once a rash appears along with fever, aches and chills.

If you suspect you have been exposed contact your local health provider.

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