PERES, Portable “Electronic Nose,” Detects Food Gone Bad

Good news if you love food.

A new piece of technology will make your meat and fish safer.

Just add smartphone.

Its makers claim PERES is the world’s first portable "electronic nose.” It comes from ARS LAB, a company using technology to examine your food and tell you if it's safe.

PERES is small, but the device that can detect meat, poultry and fish that's gone bad is already catching on in a big way, and it is coming soon to a restaurant and kitchen near you.

How it works: PERES detects compounds in food that show age or spoilage. It sends the data instantly to your mobile device, via Bluetooth, to warn if food is bad.

It is technology restaurant managers say they'd love to have.

“We try and keep [our meat] fresh, so [PERES] would help us rotate it all,” Pizza Bocca Lupo’s Patrick Dunne said.

Investors are also interested in the "food detective,” which passed its $50,000 Indiegogo fundraising goal after one day.

Eventually, this kind of technology will likely be embedded inside your smartphone, maybe even your smart refrigerator.

If you're interested now, the PERES itself will go on sale this summer. The device is expected to cost about $120 dollars.

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