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With school just around the corner, many parents will be brushing up on their bedtime enforcing skills. A good night’s sleep — or a lack thereof — can impact everything from a child’s ability to focus to their ability to manage their emotions and impulses — vital skills when young students are required to concentrate in the classroom.

But a 2014 study suggests that it’s the quality of sleep rather than the bed time that matters most in regard to academic performance. Conducted by researchers at McGill University and the Douglas Mental Health University Institute in Montreal, the study found a correlation between better report cards and a child’s “sleep efficiency,” or simply the portion of time spent in bed that is actually spent sleeping.

Specifically, researchers discovered that higher quality sleep resulted in better performance in both math and languages, subjects considered strong indicators of a child’s future academic success. Both subjects depend on our “executive functions,” skills that require working memory, the ability to plan and tune out distraction. In other words, skills that are dependent on a well-rested mind.

So while Mancini’s might not be able to help parents get their children to bed on time (sorry, mom and dad, but you’re on your own), they can help them optimize their children’s sleep by helping them find the ideal mattress. From the ability to form memories to creativity to physical health, getting good, consistent sleep is vital to a successful and happy life, especially among children who are still developing.

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