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With all the growing, learning and — yes — playing they have ahead of them, children need even more sleep than adults.

And yet many parents still believe that a quality mattress is not that important for a child since he or she will continually outgrow their bed every few years.

This is simply not true. Children need sound sleep — anywhere from nine to 16 hours depending on their age — and this sleep will be highly affected by the quality of their mattress.

So, in order to select the right mattress for your child, consider these three tips:

Select the Right Size for the Age
Your child will probably go through at least three mattresses before leaving home. However, most mattresses need to be replaced every five to 10 years anyway, so your child’s mattresses won’t be replaced much more frequently than your own. Keeping that in mind, choose the size that’s most appropriate and comfortable for the size and age of your child, with a little room to grow. Twin sizes are usually best for toddlers and small children, while full or queen sizes are better for tweens and teens.

Focus on Quality Design and Craftsmanship
Mattresses are an investment, even when considering economy models. It is far better to spend a bit more on a mattress that has a high spring count and uses quality natural fibers. A well-constructed mattress made of gentle materials can help to prevent aches, pains, and allergy symptoms in your child. You don’t have to choose the most expensive mattress, but remember that cost shouldn’t be your only consideration.

Make Sure Your Investment Is Protected
Warranties are common in the mattress world, but not all will match your needs. A good warranty should protect against manufacturer defects, provide some type of repair clause, and allow you to return the mattress within a reasonable time frame if it simply isn’t working out for you and your child.

The sleep experts at Mancini’s Sleepworld can help you find the best high quality mattress for your child. Visit their website or call (800) 647-5337 to learn more.

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