State Fave Among 50 Fattiest Foods

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When it comes to what’s making America fat, one list implicates a California standard.

In an effort to make us all feel even more guilty about our "middles," one website has compiled a list of the fattiest foods in all 50 states.

While scrolling through the images might make you think twice about ordering "fries with that," most of the items are too outrageous to even consider consuming.  If you've lived anywhere else in your life, you will find this link quite interesting.

The dishes range from Alabama’s Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf to Wisconsin’s Deep-fried Cheese Curds.

Even though we Californians consider ourselves to be healthier than say our Midwest neighbors, we cleary love to indulge.

Here in Golden State, the authors call out In-N-Out Burger’s Double Double as our state's fattiest food.

"The two beef patties, lettuce, tomato, two slices of American cheese, and spread contains 41 grams of fat, more than you should get in an entire day. In comparison, a McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger contains 23 grams of fat."

Keep reading and you'll soon realize that's nothing.

The "Garbage Plate" created at New York eatery Nick Tahou Hots is estimated to contain 203 grams of fat – enough for more than three days. Estimated, we assume, because no one really knows what's in it.

The "Vermonster," Ben & Jerry’s 20-scoop sundae, can range from 120 to 400 grams of fat depending on the flavors chosen.

But the all time leading fat-laden food across the nation is the Hillbilly Hotdogs’ 10-pound burger in West Virginia, which holds around 800 grams of fat in the meat alone. 

A meal that makes Texas’ corn dog with 19 fat grams look like child’s play.

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