VTA Yard Shooting

1 Year Later: Family, Friends Honor VTA Shooting Victim in Fremont

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It was a somber week in the South Bay, as it’s been a year since that a VTA employee shot and killed nine co-workers in San Jose.

Community members came together to comfort the family and remember the life of one of the victims, Taptejdeep Singh in Fremont Sunday.

On May 26, 2021, Singh and eight coworkers were gunned down at a VTA yard in San Jose in his final minutes were spent saving lives by calling others to warn them hide or stay away.

The victim’s brother, Karmanpreet Singh Gill, his family and friends all came together and added they’re honoring him by sharing the values that he lived by.

“We’re taught to protect others when needed above your own treat everybody as humanity and my brother didn’t just live by those virtues even his last day last hours last seconds,” Gill said.

A year later, they admit the time has done little to ease the pain

“I think grieving will be ongoing i didn’t realize how tough it gets even after because when you’re so close to somebody,” Gill said.

“He tried to save other people’s life and the family and the community is gathered here is gardwara to serve food, to share his memories,” said Kashmir Singh Shahi, human relations commissioner.

There was a special presentation about his memory his life and loss inside the temple and a special prayer.

As they honor him, they’re also keenly aware that families in places like Texas and New York are now facing unthinkable loss and pain.

The family and friends said they hold their memories close, thinking of his warm smile, selflessness and generosity.

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