10 People Arrested After Occupying School District Building

Protesters angry over recent school cuts.

Ten people could soon face charges after taking over an Oakland School District building. The group was arrested just after midnight Thursday morning when they refused to leave after a school board meeting.

The nine adults and one juvenile planned to stay in the building until the district reversed an October decision to close five schools. The board voted in October to close Lakeview, Lazear, Marshall, Maxwell Park and Santa Fe Elementary schools to save the district money.

During Wednesday night's meeting, board members discussed a plan to lease Santa Fe Elementary to Emeryville's school district and allow a charter school company to turn Lazear Elementary into a charter school.

Protesters were so disruptive during the meeting, it was moved behind closed doors. When things went too late, the board recessed and decided to continue discussions Thursday morning. That's when protesters pulled out their blankets, sleeping bags and pillows and settled in. Minutes after midnight, Oakland Unified School police arrested the group for refusing to leave school property.

There is no word on if charges will be filed against the protesters.

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