10-Year Study Shows Increase in Binge Drinking

A new 10-year study from the American Journal of Public Health is revealing a giant rise in binge drinking.

The study reveals Santa Clara women are bring drinking nearly 36 percent more than they did a decade ago.

Jeannie Anderson of the Summit Estate Recovery Center said Silicon Valley stress is playing a role in the rise in binge drinking.

"In high-tech jobs, with families to raise and their husbands traveling, binge drinking is now an escape," Anderson said.

The study defined binge drinking as four or more drinks for women and five or more drinks for men on a single occasion within the past 30 days..

Dr. Tom Greenfield of the Public Health Institute said what the study points out is just the sign of the times.

"It used to be that women were demure, don't smoke or drink," Greenfield said. "Gradually over time it's become customary for women, especially younger women, to drink somewhat like men."

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