11 Unexpected Jobs Paying Over $100,000: Glassdoor Report

Drilling Engineer and Equity Research Associate are just two of the jobs that made the list.

Getting tired of your current job?

A new report by Glassdoor highlights 11 not-so-ordinary jobs that pay $100,000 annual salaries.

Some of the occupations even have openings in the San Francisco Bay Area

If digging isn't quite your thing, you can work as a Reservoir Engineer.

For the full list of lucrative odd jobs, click here.

The report is based on salary reports voluntarily shared by Glassdoor users and takes into consideration base salaries and “other forms of compensation,” like commissions, bonuses and tips.

For a job to be considered in the list, it needed to have at least 60 salary reports indicating a total median compensation of at least $100,000 per year, shared by domestic employees from June 24, 2014, to June 23, 2016.

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